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The materials listed below are commonly prescribed, but are not the only materials available. Crown glass is available but not commonly used due to weight and durability concerns.


This material is impact resistant, thin, light and has built in UV protection. It can be used in all frame types.

High Index Plastic

This material is recommended for strong prescriptions, as it is thinner and lighter than other materials at higher powers. High Index Plastic has built in UV protection.


This material has the highest quality optics of available plastic-based lenses. Trivex is also impact resistant and is the lightest weight lens material available. Includes built in UV protection.

Transitions Lenses

This photochromic material is clear indoors and dark outdoors. These lenses are ideal for anyone who spends significant time outdoors, and although not a replacement for sunglasses they are a great option for providing added comfort in bright conditions. Transitions lenses can be ordered in different grades depending on your needs, and are commonly paired with Anti-Reflective lenses to increase  the materials sensitivity to sunlight.